Cynthia Watts Clark

was born in the flat bright light of southern California. She traveled to northern Europe with her family as a child, which was a major influence on  her art and life, engendering a love for great art and grey cities.

While attending Art Center in Pasadena, she met Bradley Clark. They graduated and married on the same weekend and moved to the great grey city of art, New York. She hustled for illustration work, made the Met a second home and exhibited in the One Show and Society of Illustrators. After adorable children entered their life they moved up the river to the lovely Hudson Valley. Together and in tandem with their careers they raised a family in Rhinebeck, New York.

Clients include:

Fortune Magazine

Institutional Investor

Random House

Reader's Digest


Friend Magazine



Gannet Newspapers


Better Homes & Gardens

Neiman Marcus

PC Magazine

Living Celebrations